Early Childhood Family Education


Parents who take an active role in their child’s education have children who do better in school and life! If you have a young child under the age of 5, please join us for ECFE! Early Childhood Family Education Classes are fun for both children and parents! Hope to see you there!

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) 
ECFE is a program for children and their parents to participate in together. Classes are held weekly. Each class has time for parents and children to do activities together and then a time when they separate. During the separation time, children are with a teacher and assistants and are able to participate in activities with peers while parents meet with each other and a parent educator to discuss topics important to parents. ECFE is open to all children birth to Kindergarten entrance. There is a fee to participate based on a sliding fee scale.

Winter/Spring classes:  
Classes will resume on a regularly scheduled basis in September. Contact your local school staff for class schedules and to learn more about our programs.

Help us build our Early Childhood Mailing List! 
Do you have a child under the age of 5?  If so, we would like to add you to our early childhood mailing list.  Please call DaNeil Sirjord at 218-749-8130 or email dsirjord@isd2142.k12.mn.us. We need: Parent and child’s names, child’s birthday, address, phone number, and if you have an email, we would like that too!

Kindergarten Registration! 
Your child must be 5 on or before September 1 and have completed Early Childhood Screening. Remember Kindergarten is all day, every day, and there are no fees to attend! Please contact your local school building or call DaNeil Sirjord at 218-749-8130 or email dsirjord@isd2142.k12.mn.us .

Health Notice
The State of Minnesota requires that all children participating in ECFE and/or Learning/School Readiness programs need to be up-to-date on all immunizations in order to attend. Please double check with your physician that your child is up-to-date on immunizations so there are no missed school days.


For more information, please contact your local school or contact DaNeil Sirjord at dsirjord@isd2142.k12.mn.us or call 749-3108,  ext. 1116.