About Mrs. Kaufenberg


Mrs. Kaufenberg Northeast Range Communications and Language Arts

A Journey

My life’s journey has taken me to many places where I have experienced so many different things that it is sometimes hard to believe. From the catwalk and runways of the Midwest to working as an editor-n-chief for a newspaper to managing and establishing a new hotel to working as a lineman in a factory. All along the way, I developed a deeper understanding of people and cultures that I would never have otherwise imagined. Each one of the many employment opportunities and life experiences has helped shape who I am today, creating background knowledge, experiences and skills that I use every day.


Power of Education

With all of the practical and applied experiences I have had in the real world, none of these can replace the knowledge that I have gained in the classroom. My educational journey started at Hibbing High School, where an amazing teacher inspired me. A teacher who opened my eyes to the world beyond the classroom.


Armed with a distinctive outlook on life, I started my post-secondary education at Bemidji State University studying theatre and elementary education. I met my husband to be on campus and we soon found ourselves moving deep into the central Midwest where we attended Southern University of Illinois at Edwardsville. From there I attended Duluth Community College and finished my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Writing at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.


Twenty-years after I started my post-secondary education at Bemidji State, I returned to Bemidji to complete the professional education program and received a 5-12 grade teaching license in Communications and Language Arts. I was inspired and encouraged by the wonderful teachers in Babbitt and completed the requirements for a K-12 grade Special Education License, as well.  I love taking classes and soaking up as much knowledge as my brain will allow. Currently, I am working on a Master’s in Special Education and a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in reading. Someday, I plan to pursue a PHD in reading and education.
All of these educational experiences, combined with life experiences, have given me the background to help guide students through a very important part of their educational journey and inspire them to grow as individuals, readers and writers.

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Happy Life

Life’s path brought my family to Babbitt in 1999 and I have been working for the School District in a variety of roles for over 10 years. Today, I live a happy content life with my husband (Mr. Joe) and five wonderful children. I feel privileged to be a part of the Northeast Range School community and be able to share that with my husband. We have always been a team traveling through life taking on whatever comes our way. Our goal in life has been to have a family and work with students.

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The Future

I have seen the school change and evolve over the past 15 years, since my oldest children were in head start at Babbitt Elementary. The road our school is currently on is exciting and exhilarating. We are fortunate to have great leadership in our administration, highly qualified caring teachers and amazing support staff. I hope to continue to share my love for Language Arts, Communications and the Fine Arts with Northeast Range students and the local community. Always, I will strive to inspire students to open their minds and see the world beyond the classroom, the places they can go and the great people they can become.

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The Classroom

The main goal in every one of the courses I teach is to create an environment that fosters independence and cooperative learning. It is important to me that students have a place where they feel comfortable and safe. A place where everyone can share his or her opinion. A place where respect is prevalent: respect for self, each other and the classroom. A place where students gain the knowledge and learn the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. Ultimately, a place where students yearn to become lifelong readers and skilled writers.

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