CEP Introduction to Public Speak


Northeast Range High School CEP Course and Vermillion Community College

Course Number: SPCH 1555
Year and Semester: Fall 2017

Credits: 3
ed.thText: Public Speaking for College and Career, Hamilton Gregory,

Mrs. Jennifer M. Kaufenberg

Phone:             218-827-3101, Ext. 4212
Website:           http://northeastrangeschool.net/
Schoology:        Access Code 3N658-NN4K3
Classroom:        Room A12
Address:           Northeast Range Campus, 30 South Drive, Babbitt, MN 55706

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Note: Email is the best way to contact Mrs. Kaufenberg. Phone calls will only be answered during prep time, and before or after school. All messages will be returned daily. In case of Emergency, please, contact the School Office.


Course Overview

This is a performance-based course, which intends to familiarize students with the preparation and delivery of various speeches including informative and persuasive speeches. Students will research, outline and deliver speeches, as well as act as critics of their own work and that of their peers. The course aims to reduce student anxiety in public presentations, emphasize speech preparation, enhance public speaking skills, and make students better able to evaluate their own performance and that of others. By the end of the semester, all students should:

  • Be aware of personal speech habits and characteristics to increase confidence
  • Improve posture, voice, diction and other mechanics of speech
  • Develop speech preparation and presentation techniques, audience awareness, and self-awareness
  • Cultivate poise and self-confidence
  • Demonstrate the ability to be an active and attentive listener
  • Analyze and critique various speech techniques, content, purpose, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Develop critical thinking skills and provide appropriate feedback

Tentative Speech Presentation Dates

The following dates are subject to change. The instructor will notify students of changes and course information will be updated in Schoology daily.

Speech #1      “Something to do” Informative Speech         September 21-22
Speech #2      “Current Issue” Informative Speech               October 12-13

Speech #3      Demonstration/Process Speech                       November 16-17
Speech #4      Special or Instructor’s Choice Speech            December 12-15
Speech #5      Persuasion Speech                                           January 16-19

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